Oh, the internet. It’s a wild place out there. So people are losing their minds over this video in which a Food Network chef sprinkles taco seasoning over cubed watermelon. We watched it and… SHM.

There’s a lot going on in the world these days and we really tried but we just can’t seem to get red-in-the-face mad about this chef, James Briscione of Man Crafted, spicing up his watermelon in this obviously made-for-the-masses quick summer food video. And in the end, they got the views they wanted right?

Here’s the thing: we think we know what he was getting at. Tajin over mango, right? A chile pepper and lime juice mix over a cut up summer fruit is something we’re familiar with.  The only thing to be mad at here, if you ask us, is that he’s using premade taco seasoning. Gross. (But the video was presented by McCormick so…)

Anyways, we all have our weird cravings and snacks. What are yours?

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