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In the Know: An Insider's Guide to the Best Mofongo in NYC

Dominican Restaurant Six

If calm sit-down meals in Harlem and fast bachata dancing in Astoria aren't your thing, there's always Dominican Restaurant Six in New Hyde Park, Queens. Hidden along Union Turnpike, well past K Pacho (a Mexican hot-spot), sits this tiny Dominican hole-in-the-wall serving up stick to your ribs, traditional Dominican fare for low prices.

The way they roast their pernil and toast their Cuban sandwiches makes us think someone's grandma is in the back, manning the stove. Enter and you'll find a narrow room of large white tiles and a glass display case of flanes and tres leches. Make an abrupt turn and you'll find yourself in a simple room of wooden tables and paintings of aggressively red flamboyanes and simple countryside Caribbean houses, paintings that remind us all of childhood family homes. 

There are only two types of mofongo on their menu (chicken and pork) and both are authentic and delicious. Go for the pork and you'll find crispy pieces buried  like treasure in the mofongo, doused with perfectly seasoned gravy, a traditional caldo made from chicken stock. 

So... hungry yet?

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