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In the Know: An Insider's Guide to the Best Mofongo in NYC

Don Coqui

Though Don Coqui, like Casa del Mofongo, is a two-story restaurant that offers delicious sit-down meals, this hot-spot located in trendy Astoria. The dining room on the second floor is entirely decked in white, from the tablecloths to the back-lit quartz bar, giving it a soft modern and elegant glow. 

Don Coqui offers a mofongo topped with steak and another topped with pork, both of which are very good, but the best seller is their Mofongo con Camarones. The mofongo itself is served chunky with small pieces of pernil and topped with six large, tender shrimp cooked in a sauce similar to the traditional al ajillo.

Pro tip: ask for a wedge of lemon and save some of the grilled pan de agua from the bread basket to eat with your mofongo; trust us, you will want something to help you soak up all the extra shrimp and garlic sauce. 

And just a note before you fill up: you'll want to leave room for their incredible mojitos and Sexy Island cocktail (a Puerto Rican take on the Long Island Iced Tea) and you'll want to stick around for the dancing. The restaurant doubles as a club, so go early and stay late.

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