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In the Know: An Insider's Guide to the Best Mofongo in NYC

Casa del Mofongo

Take the train up to Washington Heights and find yourself in a Caribbean home-away-from-home. Bright green quenepas, yellow-orange mangos, and plantains in various stages of ripeness line the streets in makeshift grocery stands while political caravans slowly parade down the road. 

Here, you'll find Casa del Mofongo. The lime green and orange walls and wooden fixtures make you feel like you walked in to a Caribbean dream - and they have the food to prove it. Though it's a Dominican restaurant, the real star at this perpetually packed and celeb-frequented Harlem restaurant is the Puerto Rican mofongo. With just about 30 different types, Casa del Mofongo has something for everyone, from newbies to persnickety mofongo connoisseurs.

For the newcomers, a classic Mofongo with Churrasco dripping in chimichurri; for the adventurous, the Mofongo with Spaghetti or the Mofongo con Lambi (Conch). Our personal favorite is the Mofongo con Pollo Guisado, a huge portion of perfectly stewed chicken in savory tomato sauce served alongside a mound of mashed fried plantains with crushed chicharrones.

Click on to find out where you can get the best mofongo in Queens... 

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