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The Hipster in Puerto Rico: Jose Enrique Restaurant

Jose Enrique, the eponymous San Juan, Puerto Rico restaurant owned and run by the vaunted chef of the same name (in 2013, he became the first Puerto Rican chef to be named a semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation award in the category of "Best Chef South" and, in the same year, was the first Puerto Rican to be included in Food & Wine's prestigious Best New Chefs list) is the kind of place that is at home in Puerto Rico's La Placita, but could also be in Bushwick, NY or LA's Los Feliz. That's because Jose Enrique is cool.

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Not in the 'I set trends and you shall follow them' way, but in the 'I'm doing my thing and you can get with it or not' way. The latter approach is definitively Puerto Rican: a little bit chilled out beach ethos; a little bit island-off-the-mainland scrappy; and a lot fun-, family-, and friend-focused.

There is a hipster vibe at Jose Enrique. Older Puerto Rican men in pressed white shirts and suits and European tourists sit comfortably alongside San Juan's locals. Its guests are a mixed bag, neither exclusively trendy nor suburban. Some look as if they've just come from a day spent surfing; others are on a date.

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