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What It's Like: Eating Pupusas Overlooking a Volcano in El Salvador

It seemed a bit impetuous, going to El Salvador for a long weekend, but the opportunity arose to visit a friend and I took it. Barely able to escape the frozen tarmac in New York, I was pleased to make the last flight to San Salvador with only minutes to spare. In the morning I went downstairs to enjoy my first meal in the city. I sat under the glittery sun facing the Boquerón volcano and began to feel small in contrast to its massiveness. The beauty of the coral and yellow adobe homes jutting out from the mountains created the perfect landscape. San Salvador has such a peaceful, gentle nature that it’s hard to imagine the years of war and strife tucked away in the country's history.

The waiter came by with a sweet smile and began to serve us. I started off with one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had, rich and smooth with hot milk, and anxiously awaited to try my first El Salvadorian pupusa. I’d eaten quesadillas and arepas before and thought this would be more or less the same, but when those thick, round corn tortillas arrived oozing with queso (white cheese) I was delighted.

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