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Hello Guadalajara! Where and What to Eat in Mexico's New Foodie Hotspot

While Mexico City has gotten major press in the last few years for its wellspring of great food, art, and culture, Guadalajara, flying under the radar, is forging its own reputation for excellent food and drink.

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Guadalajara has been called the Los Angeles to Mexico City's New York with its rolling suburban feel and, for some, much more tolerable population count (coming in at a cool 1.6 million in comparison to the capital's 28 million). The climate is mild and sunny year round, the streets are residential and the vibe is most definitely laid-back. The hippest neighborhoods, newly invaded by graffiti artists, craft beer breweries, and casual, high-end restaurants cluster closer to the historic center of town as urbanism and walkability become key livability requirements for young city dwellers.

Just a few years ago Guadalajara wouldn't have been considered an exciting culinary scene but these days young chefs, brewmasters and entrepreneurs are making the city an eating and drinking destination. In true Tapatio-style (the slang word for a Guadalajara native) the city's most popular dining is a causal affair where food and flavor speak for themselves.

There is a long list of must-tries in Guadalajara but for a well-rounded gastronomic tour, here are three unmissables.

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