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Christmas Around the World: How 6 Latin America Countries Celebrate Navidad

When twinkling lights illuminate presents under the tree and carolers are singing with holiday cheer, that means only one thing…Christmas is here! The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends, as we celebrate and exchange cultural traditions with one another. In Latin America, Christmas is celebrated with candles, sweet treats, services, and even fireworks. Read on to see how you can incorporate some Latin flair into your holiday celebrations. 

Christmas in Mexico 

Celebration: Mexican Christmas festivities begin on December 12 with the feast of La Guadalupana (Virgin of Guadalupe), and ends on January 6, with the Epiphany. In between these dates, other festivities include Holy Innocents Day and the main celebration Las Posadas, which lasts for nine days, from December 16 until Christmas Eve.

Traditions: Every year, Mexicans celebrate Las Posadas, which means accommodations, by re-enacting the story of Joseph looking for shelter at the inn. Even the kids get in on the fun and join in the procession, as everyone sings traditional songs and prayers. After the pageant, Mexicans get the party started with sweet treats, Christmas music, and of course, breaking out the piñata!

Food: A traditional meal of romeritos (baked shrimp), bacalao (dried cod fish), roast turkey, and a variety of salads are served for dinner. But it is the popular dessert throughout Latin America known as buñuelos that everyone eagerly awaits. Buñuelos are fried balls of dough that are dredged in a syrup of cinnamon and sugar, or dimply dusted with powdered sugar. They are usually served during Las Posadas.

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