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How to Turn Easter Ham Leftovers Into Dishes You Want

Easter has come and gone. You proudly made a ham, maybe two. You lovingly baked it for...ever. You sliced it, you doled out, you ate, and celebrated. And now that la familia has gone and you've surveyed the damage you realize you still have pounds of ham left. Don't despair if you're envisioning weeks of sad ham sandwiches. Instead, reinvent that ham into new dishes so delicious you'll want to throw another fiesta. 

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What's better than jamon? Croquetas de jamon is the only right answer. They're soft and chewy on the inside, golden and crunchy on the outside and stuffed with a tangy mix of ham blended into a creamy bechemel sauce with tangy Dijon mustard. 

Ham for dinner ... followed by ham for breakfast. You'll want it with this Ham and Sweet Potato Hash. Ham is fried with onion and pepper then tossed with caramelized sweet potatoes and topped with salty Oaxaca cheese and a luscious runny fried egg. 

And finally, who doesn't love an empanada? Use last night's ham in today's Ham and Leek Empanadas. The dough is flaky and buttery and easy to make fresh, use it to wrap up chunks of salty ham and subtly sweet sauteed leeks then bake until puffed and golden.

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