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Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipes for Celebrating Memorial Day with Sabor

Summer is BBQ season, which means grilling up fresh food and enjoying fresh flavors. Toss out those store bought sauces and make some homemade BBQ batches worthy of your summer, your grill and your tastebuds. Garlic Habanero, Sweet Citrus Tang, and Spiced Agave are three sauces that will have you enjoying the flavors of summer all year long!

For your everyday BBQ sauce needs, with a twist, try Spiced Agave BBQ sauce. Bright lime zest, sweet agave nectar, smokey ancho chile and spicy chili powder come together in a ketchup based sauce that builds on the flavors of the original while giving it a punch of savory Latin spice. This sauce pairs perfectly with pernil. 

Sweet Citrus Tang BBQ sauce brings together rich molasses, zesty lime and sweet orange for a sauce that has a perfect balance of sweet, tangy and savory. This sauce has a lighter flavor and can be used as a basting sauce as well as a baked-on sauce. Baked chicken wings, pork chops, and steak bathed in Sweet Citrus Tang BBQ will enhance the meat's subtle flavors, while adding a little bit of summer sweetness and zest.

For heat seekers, look no further than Garlic Habanero BBQ Sauce. This BBQ sauce is not for the faint of heart, but for those with adventurous tastebuds! High heat and high flavor complement the natural sweetness of sautéed garlic and carrots creating a bright, orange sauce that pops in color and taste. This sauce is versatile, and can be used on dishes ranging from chicken wings to ribs, or even simple sandwiches.

So, ditch the bottle brand, whip up a batch of the homemade stuff. We're pretty sure you’ll never hit the bottle again!

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Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipes for Celebrating Memorial Day with Sabor


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