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3 Authentic Tortilla Chips Recipes for National Tortilla Chip Day

It's National Tortilla Chip Day! (Don't you love food holidays?) So of course, we're going all in the tortilla: different flavors to suit every craving. And while there are lots of flavors at the market to choose from, why choose pre-made flavors when you can make your own? Grab a pack of whole wheat tortillas, turn on that oven, and come up with flavors that titillate your taste buds.

Want something sweet? Check out our Panela Cinnamon Twist Tortilla Chips, a perfect blend of grated panela, lemon juice, cinnamon and sea salt that satisfies your sweet tooth, but still leaves room for dessert.

Serrano Olive Oil Tortilla Chips are a spicy blend of  pulsed olive oil and fresh serrano chilies, making a crispy tortilla chip that packs some serious heat.

For those that can’t decide between sweet and spicy, Triple C Lime Tortilla Chips will hit the spot. A mix of chili, cayenne, cinnamon, sweet lime zest and tangy lime juice with a dash of sea salt, Triple C Lime has the perfect blend of smoky, spicy, tangy and sweet that will fill your home with such an aroma you (and your guests), will never want to leave. You have been warned.

And check out this bonus recipe for cranberry jalapeno queso fundido dip!

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