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These Latina Bloggers' Easy Tips Will Change the Way You Eat

Whether your goal is to eat more veggies, start cleansing, or just cut out some of the junk food, you’ll find at least one guru to add to your Insta feed. 

You Want to: Give #MeatlessMonday a shot

Check out: Massy Arias @massy.arias

When it comes to quick but inspiring workout videos, easy health hacks and delicious recipes, Dominican fitness guru, Massy Arias, has you covered. With an increase of Latinos turning vegetarian and vegan, the celebrity trainer recently showcased an epic, protein-fueled salad that would make even the most die-hard steak fan salivate. “This is my medicine,” she captioned the pic. “This is how I bring down inflammation, keep my digestive system running, maintain high energy levels, and keep my body healthy from the inside out including my skin.” Full of carrots, kale, corn, and more the dish sure does look tasty. 



You Want to: Try detox teas

Check out: Candy Calderon @candy_nami

Whether you’re obsessed with detoxing or you just need a little push to get back on track, this gal’s for you. A Wellness & Health Expert, Candy Calderon is all about healing your body from the inside out. The Dominican health guru suggests adding a turmeric elixir to your diet which promotes weight loss naturally and helps lower cholesterol. Try her simple recipe below, and get ready to feel amazing.


You Want to: Enjoy (healthy) sweets

Check out: Ainsle­y Rodriguez @hardcoreainsley

If you’ve started a healthy eating program and meal prepping the same old chicken breast has you feeling bored and deprived, have no fear. Health and fitness guru, Ainsley Rodriguez, has suggestions to jazz up your meal in a yummy way. For example, she says adding pineapple slices to a salmon filet helps break down the protein while keeping your digestive system on track. And bonus points for keeping things real, and realistic for her followers. “Yes, alcohol is a staple in my diet!” she captioned the below pic.


You Want to: Cleanse without giving up food

Check out: Violet & Indhira @mwshealth

Inspired by alternative medicine, sisters Violet and Indhira launched My Wellness Solutions, a health and wellness center educating their community on living an organic lifestyle. They created a method called “Operation Cleanse,” which targets constant bloating, poor digestion, uncontrolled sugar cravings, and more through a 14-day challenge. The sister-duo suggests easy alternative recipes for delicious but diet-crushing dishes like pizza (spoiler alert: cauliflower crust) and lasagna.










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