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#WCW: LA's Guelaguetza Owner Talks Oaxacan Cuisine

Jonathan Gold referred to your restaurant as the best Oaxacan in the country. How do you think it differs from other Oaxacan eateries?

Our restaurant is definitely the biggest is size and our menu is equally as big. I can eat there every day for a few weeks without ever having the same thing twice. But more than just serving food, our restaurant has become a cultural staple in LA. The art that is celebrated inside by muralists LA Piztola is very special. We commissioned them a few years ago and flew up from Oaxaca to create the massive mural that faces Olympic Blvd a couple of years ago. Then last year, they came back for their second piece ‘El Mezcalero’, which is an incredible piece of art.

You also have your own site! Tell us about the recipes you share on it.

Most of the recipes are recipes I would make at home and/or are recipes I would consider classics. I wanted to share these with my generation and encourage my readers to not only make these at home, but to share them with their own families. You can really learn to appreciate someone's culture through the food they eat and I would love to spread love and acceptance to my culture through every recipe I post.

What’s your favorite thing about representing all mexicanas through your food and business?

My favorite part of what I do is watching the faces of young children as they take their first bite of a Oaxacan meal - especially those who have Oaxacan roots and don’t have the privilege of traveling back and forth like a lot of us do. To a lot of Oaxaqueños, Guelaguetza is the closest thing they can get to their homeland and watching them relive their childhood food memories through their children makes me the happiest. 

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