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Meet James Tahhan, Miami's Hottest Chef

Again, while most chefs would want to be attracting diners to fill seats at their restaurant, he's more interested in sharing knowledge and flavors, something he does every morning on Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Dia, be it by demystifying current fads, showing millions of viewers how to make the most complex of dishes simple, and DIY vinaigrette that will be both better tasting and good for you than anything store bought.

“That’s actually how I landed the gig,” he says of the vinaigrette that changed his life. “Someone told me to come in for an audition to be the network chef when I was running my catering company but I didn’t realize what that meant," so he showed up empty handed without any equipment and had to make due with what they had, which was mustard, vinegar, oil, and some carrots. "Most people don't realize that's all you need for a vinaigrette." The rest, as they say, is television history.

Besides watching him in action every morning, you can actually taste Tahhan’s culinary prowess at his restaurant, Sabores by Chef James. Disclaimer: yes, it’s in a Best Western. Yes, the décor is borderline Best Western tacky/cliché. But don’t for a second let any of that fool you because Tahhan is cooking some of the best Latin American food in Miami.

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