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Chef George Mendes Takes His Duck Rice to Chefs Club Counter

The rice also has two surprising ingredients: black olives and a sweet, tangy apricot puree. No wonder the dish is currently a best-seller at the counter. "It was a matter of applying the same techniques, the same components, the same ingredients, and adapting them for a faster pace environment," Mendes said.

CCC may have cracked the code on innovative, fast-casual dining, which is why countless other chefs have adopted the concept, too. For starters, there's Jose Andres' Beefsteak in D.C. and Roy Choi's Loco'l in San Francisco, but surely there's more to come. "People can get very high-quality food, from well established chefs in a fast time. I think it's a concept that has a lot of sustainability," Mendes noted, on the revolution.  

See here for more details on CCC and Mendes' dish.

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