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Chef Chat: Dallas' Angela Hernandez On Her Mexican Meets Korean Food Mashup

TLK: Are there any cultures whose foods you think would work well together but that you've never seen paired?

AH: I think in a sense, people, whether they realize it or not, are already developing different cultures and types of food, maybe just things that haven’t been as obvious. I know Korean food is becoming popular in the past couple years. I think Korean food is a type of cuisine that’s not been as socially accepted, and the funny thing is, Koreans aren’t necessarily the type of people that put themselves out there to share it — you either know how to eat Korean food or you don’t. But I think it will be interesting to see how it’s interpreted as it hits more mainstream in the next few years.

TLK: If you had to choose a career other than chef, what would you be?

AH: Gosh, I don’t know really what I would be good at. I feel like it might have to be food-related in some form, maybe a food writer would be kind of cool. I think I write better than I speak, because you can put more thought into it and if I apply myself it’s a nice creative outlet, and I think it would be cool to get paid to go out to eat and then write about it.

TLK: Do you have any events coming up that readers should know about?

AH: Absolutely. We launch our winter series in January, in which we’ll be inviting chefs in from outside of Texas, little more heavy-hitters, to collaborate on one-night dinners, so that should be really fun!

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