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Chef Chat: Bruce Ucán on Mole, Trump, and Food Trucks

When it comes to Mexican food, the tacos, tamales, and tortas trifecta, though tasty, has made it hard for the general public (read: non-Mexicans) to grasp its astonishingly vast and varied scope.

Enter Bruce Ucán, a Mexican-born chef who has consistently and quietly been turning out fantastic Mexican food in his now home of Louisville, Kentucky. He is neither a food festival regular nor a TV cooking contest judge; in fact, he is actually in the kitchen at his popular Mayan Café restaurant six nights a week, serving the best Yucatecan cuisine you’ve ever had.

We sat down with Ucán over a plate of his must-try Tok-sel Lima beans and talked mole, Trump, and why he thinks food trucks should be better.

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