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#WCW: Traversing Latin America with Andrea Vidler

Traveling abroad requires a few things: money, a passport, and a keen eye for planning.

Andrea Vidler can help with one of those three. The powerhouse businesswoman takes the fear and stress out of planning with her Latin American travel site, LocalAventura. As one of the co-founders, Vidler helps people seeking an authentic, "off-the-beaten-path" travel experience. The travel guru, born and raised in Chile, has traveled extensievly throughout Latin America, acquiring innumerable experiences - many of them, of course, food related.

We talked with Vidler about her favorite Latin American eats, her entrepreneurial endeavors and much more. Read the interview below to see why she's this week's Woman Crush Wednesday!

What are your favorite food memories from your upbringing in Chile?

Growing up in a Chilean family, my grandmother used to always make us the Chilean staples - pastel del choclo, humitas, ensaladas chilenas and empanadas. So when my family left Chile to move to the USA, every time my grandmother would visit, we eagerly awaited our favorites. While we didn’t eat Chilean food too frequently in the US, on special occasions my mom would make us mote con huesillo - a popular refreshing Chilean dessert - to remind us of our heritage. It wasn’t quite the same as a big bowl of pastel del choclo with my family in Iquique, but it did make us feel more connected with our Chilean roots. 

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