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#WCW: Wining and Dining with Dalia Ceja

How did your parents’ immigration here have an influence on your own life/career path?

I'm very proud of my Mexican heritage and roots. I'm second generation Mexican-American and watched my parents overcome all odds to go from vineyard workers (campesinos) to winery owners. They've shown me that you can achieve the American Dream regardless of one's humble origins. Education has also played a huge factor in my success and pursuing my Executive MBA at Sonoma State University focused in Wine Marketing has allowed me to contribute to my family's business. 

How do you make sure to keep the family tradition in every bottle of wine?

We are 100% family run and operated and have complete control of every aspect of the business. There is a saying in our family that goes... "we don't have blood in our veins, we have wine." It is a reflection of my family's passion and dedication to leaving a legacy in the wine industry. 

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