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This is How Mariah Carey Makes Pizza

Oh, you don't make pizza while wearing a negligee? ... Yeah, us either. Carey, who is traveling through Europe on her Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour, posted this picture from Italy. And what do you do in Italy? You make pizza with your kids in a white satin nightie with matching furry heels.

We have to admit when we first saw this pic we had concerns: Who wears lingerie around their kids? Why would you wear something so drapey and flammable near an open fire? Does she ever wear flats? OR YOGA PANTS?). But then we thought: you do you girl. Mariah is sexy. Always. She looks happy. She works hard and somehow still finds the time to make pizza with her twins. So you know what? Mariah: Go on ahead and wear whatever you want whenever you want. We hope the pizza was great. And to haters, we have two words: Bye, Felicia. 

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