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Feed the Beast's Lorenza Izzo Talks Food, Chile, and Her Co-Stars' Cooking Skills

Actress Lorenza Izzo knows two things to be true: Chilean wine rules all, and New York deli is a thing to be worshipped.

That’s what she told us when we sat down to chat about her new AMC show, Feed the Beast, wherein Izzo plays Cubana Pilar Herrera, a quirky waitress and potential love interest of Friends star David Schwimmer.

“I am a huge foodie! I love eating and I grew up in a culture that’s all about eating and all about drinking wine,” the Chilean-Italian actress said. Izzo revealed that there was both a sommelier and a former Top Chef star on the Feed the Beast set. The latter would "come in between [shooting scenes] with mouthwatering plates of filet mignon, gnocchi, and these Greek feta cheeses – that was like my life on set!” she said. 

Izzo also revealed that many of the actors received extensive culinary training in preparation for their roles. “I was so jealous because they had a lot of actual chef lessons. They had to go to cooking school, and Jim [Sturgess] was off set constantly because he would be going to chef classes.” 

As for her own culinary dreams, Izzo said she'd love to open a little Chilean spot in L.A. "I love the idea of farm to table and making your own sandwiches. And and I love deli style – New York deli style - but with a mix of Latin, because Latin food is the bomb.”

Feed the Beast premiers June 5 at 10pm EST on AMC.

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