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Demi Lovato Tweets About Food Shaming And Body Positivity: 'I Am Choosing to Accept What I See'

There’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of self-love, especially when you’re overcoming an eating disorder. We know that there’s an enormous amount of pressure to live up to unrealistic body goals in the music business, and we appreciate the way Demi Lovato continues to be honest about her ups and downs.

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Recently, the singer tweeted about feeling “gross” during a photo shoot, but said she was “choosing to accept what I see.” Lovato mentioned that the love and support from the Lovatics get her through the rough times. 

The “Sorry Not Sorry” vocalist also admitted on Twitter to putting “on a couple of lbs” since she’s given up dieting. The 25-year-old said she’s not going to deprive herself of treats but will enjoy them in moderation, and she’s not going to do the food shame thing.


Four days into 2018, she confessed to being insecure about her legs in a beach photo, but even then she said it was time to let go of “perfectionism” and embrace freedom from “self-criticism.” And for anyone who thought this journey was easy, she said: “I work every day toward solid recovery even if I mess up sometimes.”

Want to see more of Lovato’s story? In Simply Complicated, the former Disney star’s must-watch YouTube documentary, she spills the tea on battling an eating disorder and addiction and finding peace.

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