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#WCW: Casandra Rosario Finds Her Nuyorican Voice in Food

How has your Puerto Rican heritage influenced your love for food? Any favorites you'd like to share?

My mom is still the best Latina chef that I can find in NYC but lately, I've been really into family-owned restaurants and street vendors. Vendors like Arepalicious in Queens, and Cascalote Latin Bistro in East Harlem are my faves. However, if you make me a serving of platanos, I'm happy!

You refer to yourself as the “Chief Eating Officer” - a title many are bound to envy. How does it feel to be a female in charge, in such a male-dominated industry? 

It's intimidating! But at the same time, it's exhilarating. It moves me to empower and inspire others through my story and I honestly don't think I could be anything less than a boss. It's in my DNA to be a leader and now it's apart of my story, that I know must be shared with others in order to empower them to do the same or better. There's always going to be backlash when you disrupt to norm especially in a male dominated industry. Not to mention, I'm a Black Latina who has "the nerve" to be proud of it. It can get really hard to deal with people who don't respect my hustle but that doesn't hold me back. That's the exhilarating part. I have a obligation to the legacy I plan to leave behind so I just learn to let it roll of my back. 

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