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#WCW: Casandra Rosario Finds Her Nuyorican Voice in Food

Tell us a little more about your blog, Food Before Love.

Food Before Love is a hub for where and what to eat in NYC and beyond. We cover restaurant reviews, food events, news and sometimes, share recipes,  too. Our community is full of food lovers who are into layered food experiences and of course, put food before almost everything. 

What initially inspired you to create the blog?

I started the blog in 2012, when I was wondering how did I end up at J.P. Morgan Chase with a hospitality and service management degree. I felt strongly about getting back into my industry and I thought started a blog could open doors to take me there, if nothing else, it would be fun. At the time, I was struggling with being underrepresented in media as a millennial woman of color and I felt Food Before Love would be a space for others to be able to identify with. Not to mention, I knew the dining scene well so I knew I could add value!

Has food always been an important part of your life, even growing up?

Food has been very important for me growing up as a Nuyorican, because where there was food, there was family. I think as a Latina, that's something that goes hand and hand. Too many memories over food have been created in my household and it's something that always could connect us all, and still does.

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