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You Won't Believe Which Latin Dish Gina Rodriguez Loves To Pair Her Stella Beer With

Why was it essential for you to partner with Stella Artois?

It's my favorite beer. They came with the offer, and for me, it was a no-brainer. My favorite beer wants to celebrate me buying my first house in a group of diverse, badass influencers?!? Yes. Please. This is a great blessing. 

What's your personal gop-to Stella Artois - beer or cider, and why?

I love both. Very different occasion for me. Cider is a holiday beer, and I like it during holidays. All of the holidays. But the cold Stella Artois lager is like a reward after a long day shooting “Jane The Virgin” with a plate of tacos and my smiling boyfriend. That's perfection to me. 

How do you balance your new healthy lifestyle and enjoying a cold beer? 

Well, by caring for my body and my health I now feel like beer is acceptable. I work so hard that I am allowed to have a cold Stella Artois, and it feels good. I am continually burning calories (got to get in those squats), so I can indulge all I want! 


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