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You Won't Believe Which Latin Dish Gina Rodriguez Loves To Pair Her Stella Beer With

As a Latina, we're known for entertaining and hosting our guests. Did your parents or grandparent pass down any cool traditions for the holidays?

Traditions in my household are good food and dancing. My parents always told stories and jokes and had everyone laughing and smiling. We played games at family reunions, Loteria (Latino bingo), blackjack/poker or charades. Our tradition is to make people feel like family. So that's what I do. 

What are some of your go-to Puerto Rican dishes to pair with the refreshing taste of Stella Artois?

Mofongo! Any kind of Mofongo but my personal must-have is shrimp mofongo. Stella Artois goes well with seafood. But also with chicken. It's a light beer so pairing it with heavy things like tacos (I know not Puerto Rican but Latino none the less!) helps lighten the meal for me. I like it. 
What does the “Host One to Remember” campaign mean to you? 

To me, it was an opportunity to acknowledge this milestone in my life and capture that memory for forever. I will never forget this campaign because it marked an exact moment in my life that meant I worked my ass off and look, I did it! I wanted that when I first bought my home. I wanted to celebrate what was years of hard work to get my first home. And to share it with people feels like "look, we can do this when we work hard, good things come out of it." Others have shown me that path before, and now I hope I can inspire someone else.

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