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You Won't Believe Which Latin Dish Gina Rodriguez Loves To Pair Her Stella Beer With

What's the first thing you do when you've accomplished something-- besides calling your family? Chances are you might celebrate with a nice cold beer. And guess what? So does, Gina Rodriguez! Recently the Jane the Virgin star partnered up with Stella Artois beer to celebrate her housewarming party.

The 33-year-old actress settled in her new home in Los Angeles, alongside her family and friends to celebrate the new move and show how Latinos rejoice for special occasions. The partnership was seamless since Rodriguez aligned with Stella's vison around inclusion and bringing people together.  

In a press release, Harry Lewis, VP of Stella Artois said, "This collaboration with Gina and T Brand Studio has opened the door for our brand to engage with a new, diverse set of influential hosts and share even more memorable experiences to keep our consumers inspired.” From sharing dishes to dancing salsa --- the Boricua beauty showed us what it's like being her guest! We caught up with the brunette beauty on her favorite hosting tip, dishes, and more.

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