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Tweet, Tweet: Editors' Choice

It's no secret we love food, it's our day job. We read about, interview, and write about innovative new restaurants, chefs, and food personalities; we prefer to spend our afternoons learning about an obscure (to us) ingredient and how it can be used and made delicious; and we scan recipes the way others' scan box scores. Our social media feeds are likewise full of bloggers, cookbook authors, food reporters, and commentators, people that make us giggle, that inspire us, that make our mouths water. So here's a look into who we're following these days and why. 

Marie Elena Martinez, Founding Editor 

Marie Elena's pick: @PatiJinich

A companion to the PBS show of the same name, Pati's Mexican Table is Mexican chef Pati Jinich's beautifully rendered blog covering Mexican food culture and delicacies. The official chef of the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington D.C., Jinich is a busy mom of three boys (who she lovingly calls "monsters") who keeps connected to her Mexico City upbringing through food. Her posts are light, personal and relatable, while also being chock-full of Mexican culinary history. Her recipes are easy to follow, not to mention delicious! One of the best Mexican food resources online, Jinich's table is one table at which I'd love to be offered a permanent seat.

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