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Watch Irish Folk Try Classic Thanksgiving Foods for the First Time

If you’re lucky enough to know any Latinos (or are even luckier to be one yourself!), you know that food isn’t just important to them – it is them. And during the holidays, especially so. Their insides are made of pernil and coquito, just how Americans’ are made of stuffing and gravy.

Though outsiders may never understand, they can dive head-first into our dishes to get a sense of who we are – like the Irish people in the video above. The curious Irishmen and women put the meat and potatoes aside for one day to try authentic Turkey Day dishes. First up: Butternut squash soup. Sounds simple enough for classic Thanksgiving meal, right? Wrong. “I don’t even know what this is, but it’s good,” many of the testers let on. Then, to no one’s surprise, the Irish folk find the potatoes a much more delicious dish.

Judging how people reacted to trying Latinos’ favorite hot sauces, the Irish folk were better off indulging in the classics.

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