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DIY Edible Christmas Gifts: Homemade Sweets & Dessert Recipes

With all of the big meals around the table during the holidays, sometimes all you need is a few sweet bites to create the perfect ending to a celebratory feast. Little bites don’t just make good dessert, they make good gifts too! Make these treats in bulk, group them into generous portions, find a decorative holiday tin or box, and gift up some points on your original giving this year.

Apple cider is a fall staple that is as versatile as it is rich and satisfying. Spiced Apple Cider Caramels take cider’s  autumn flavors and pairs it with grated panela, coconut and cayenne in these addictive chewy candies. Forget the preservatives of packaged candy, this at-home version is as pure as it gets.

Walking the fine line between sweet and savory is a Sweet and Spicy Party Mix. A combination of cayenne cocoa almonds, ancho spice cashews, cayenne chocolate almond covered pretzels, and an array of spices that come together in a mix that's ready for a party, we'll have you saying "Chex what?" in no time.

A smooth and sweet two-bite treat, Dulce de Leche Cheesecakes Bites are mini-cheesecakes complete with the beloved graham cracker crust. Topped with creamy dulce de leche swirled cheesecake on top. Yes, really.

Last, but not least, our Spiced Rum Crunch Balls, made of crushed shortbread, a healthy shot of rum (wa-hoo!), and dulce de leche engulfed in a dark chocolate shell are our favorite indulgence. Munchkins beware.

No matter which you choose, rest assured the recipients of these gifts will have happy stomachs and thankful hearts. Guaranteed.

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