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6 Super Bowl Party Recipes That Are Better Than Justin Timberlake at Halftime

The Super Bowl isn't only a triumph of great sportsmanship and astounding athleticism. It's a perfect excuse to snack all night long. But you don't have to wait for commercial breaks to load up. Trust us; with this collection of appetizers and small bites, you won't be able to wait that long anyway.

First up, Jalapeño Tequeño PoppersTequeños, made of sticks of queso blanco wrapped in sweet dough and fried to a crisp, get a lift with the addition of fresh jalapeño and a new dumpling shape making an addictive pasapalo your guests will love. If you're looking for a bite with more heft, try these Beef Empanadas. Ground beef is sauteed with a savory mix of onions and peppers then loaded on to flaky pastries and deep fried until golden brown and perfect. For the chip and dip lovers, turn the heat up on the classic with this Blue Cheese Guacamole. Smooth and silky avocados are mashed with pungent blue cheese and spicy jalapeño, then topped with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and smoked almonds.

Not into blue cheese? How about Pumpkin Seed Salsa? In this recipe, salty pepitas are mixed with spicy jalapeños and serrano peppers and crushed until smooth and delicious. Pair either with our Triple C Lime Tortilla Chips, which are brushed with a mix of chili, cayenne, cinnamon and lime for a baked tortilla chip that will satisfy all of your snack needs in one crispy bite. Last, what's a party without the trendy of the moment: meatballs? And we don't mean the Swedish variety. A Latin take on traditional meatballs, these Mexican Meatballs are the perfect party fare. Make a tray ahead of time and simply reheat before your party. Great warm or at room temperature, they'll be stars all night long.

Forget the score; the Super Bowl never looked quite so delicious...

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6 Super Bowl Party Recipes That Are Better Than Justin Timberlake at Halftime


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