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Watch This Couple Compete on An Oreo Taco Recipe

The fun couple of Hellthy Junkfood, Julia and J.P. did it again and this time they bring us a revival of the Klondike’s Choco Taco. In this video, the famed YouTube couple challenged each other to an "Oreo Taco" competition. The challenge was to create a taco-shaped Oreo that not only tastes like an Oreo cookie, but also have the convenient taco shape. 

The first one to attempt the mission was J.P. creating dough from crushed Oreo cookies. At first the mixture looked good, but he had no idea how to make a shell shape cookie. Taking a mold made out of foil, he tried to bake the shell. However, the dough did not stick together and collapsed in crumbs while still in the oven.

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When Julia’s turn came, she did not use Oreo cookies but created a mixture similar to the one used for pancakes and she added black food coloring. It took her a couple attempt to make the pancake thinner, but in the end she succeeded. Her result was a pancake that could be easily bent to which she spread cream filling she made from scratch and topped it with a smaller pancake to create the illusion of a big Oreo. Then she placed two scoops of Oreo ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkled with Oreo cookie crumbs on top. The result was a massive Oreo taco filled with ice cream that Oreo fans and Choco Taco lovers alike are will very excited to watch and even make their own.

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