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How to Make Your Own Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
Homemade Nutella? How to Make Your Own Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

I remember the first time I had Nutella, during a visit to England. My friend’s mother was serving breakfast, and brought a jar of the deep, dark chocolate paste to the table. “It’s for your toast,” she said, and placed it next to the jar of English orange marmalade.

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10 Healthy Foods You Won't Hate Eating

Ingredients that nutritious and delicious.

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Five Essential Chiles for the Latin Kitchen: Dried
A Guide to Dried Chiles: 5 Essentials for Mexican Cooking

Sold in cellophane bags fit to burst with fiery red peppers, the large selection of dried chiles available at markets catering to Mexican and Central American cooks can be daunting.

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Summer Cooking Lessons: How to Prepare Artichokes

How to reach an artichoke’s heart… and eat it too!

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Summer Ingredient Essentials: Watermelon
What (and How) to Cook with Watermelon This Summer

The classic summer ingredient gets a serious upgrade. 

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Don't Got Milk?
Smart Swaps: 4 Milk Alternatives to Try Right Now

The low-down on lactose-free alternatives to milk!

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