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WATCH: How to Cook a Latin Rotisserie Chicken at Home

What’s your favorite last minute meal?

If you’re taking the healthy route, chances are it involves picking up a store-bought rotisserie chicken from the grocery store – and we don’t blame you. After all, they’re affordable, healthy, and appeal to the masses (the ones seated at your dinner table, that is).

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But Princess House and Latino Foodie want you to take matters into your own hands and give homemade rotisserie chicken a shot.

In this video, learn the best equipment, ingredients, and techniques for preparing the most delicious Latin-inspired pollo. We especially love this video because one of The Latin Kitchen’s contributors, Stephen Chavez of Latino Foodie, is its host.

Watch the video below, and say goodbye to boring midweek meals forever. 

PH Rotisserie Chicken ENG from Intangible Productions on Vimeo.

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