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How to Peel a Mango With No Mess in 20 Seconds: Watch the Video

When it comes to cooking with mangos, the struggle is in the peeling. Cutting around the fruit's large, inpenetrable center seed often leaves a lot of mango flesh behind. The mango's oblong shape and thin skin make peeling difficult as well.

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This is why we created this simple how-to video that shows you the fastest way to peel and slice a mango without leaving any of its sweet, juicy flesh behind. The two techniques presented here also make zero mess. For sweet and spicy salsas, the scoring and cubing method is the way to go. If you require larger slices or a sweet after-school or late night snack, the three-second "push the peel" method will work best. 

Now that you know how to peel a mango, try it in one of our favorite recipes: Spicy Mango Paletas, Mango Spiced Pork Kabobs, and Yucca Latkes with Mango Jam. And check out this bonus Brazilian recipe for mango lime smoothie bowls

Melissa Bailey, amateur chef and the award winning blogger behind HungryFoodLove.com, is spicing up The Latin Kitchen with a series of fun, one-minute videos that teach you how to easily work with your favorite Latin ingredients and cook your favorite Latin recipes. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Melissa now lives in upstate New York with her husband and daughter. In 2013 she was named Best [email protected] Food Blogger by LATISM, a national non-profit that recognizes the best Latino influencers in the digital space. Her blog was also voted number 5 top recipe blog in TheKitchn’s 2013 annual Homies Awards. In addition to offering tasty recipes, HungryFoodLove.com raises awareness and funds that provide aid to impoverished children in the Dominican Republic.

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