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How to Light a Charcoal Grill Like a Boss

Prep your charcoal.

Next get your charcoal ready. Arrange the briquettes in a pyramid at the bottom of your grill. Now, add lighter fluid to the pile. Add enough fluid to make the briquettes shiny. Next, stand back and using a long match or lighter, light the charcoal. You’re ready to grill when the briquettes glow red and are ashy (should be about 15 minutes).

Pile your charcoal.

Before you cook, using tongs spread the charcoal around on the bottom of the grill. For thinner meat, spread the charcoal evenly on the bottom; for thicker meat pile the charcoal high on one side and start your meat there, then move over to a lower side to finish cooking.

Getting grilling.

That’s it! Put your grate on and get cooking: seafood, veggies, pizza, and more!

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