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6 Creative Ways To Use Up Your Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing

Ah, the morning after Thanksgiving. You wake up bleary-eyed, happy, and to a fridge bursting at the seams with Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. How will you eat all this food without having dinner repeats all week long? We have a few ideas. First, freeze it. Take a good look at what’s left over and freeze what you can: process rolls into bread crumbs, separate veggies into their own plastic freezer bags, use that turkey to make a season’s worth of stock. And that stuffing? Here are six delicious ways to use it. 

We suggest thinking of stuffing as you would a starch or a carb – anything you can make with potatoes, flour, or chickpeas, you can make with stuffing. It just has a little extra flavor.

Make Waffles

This is perhaps our favorite way to use stuffing. Turn them into a sweet-savory breakfast. You want a two to one ratio with eggs (two cups of stuffing? One egg.) and throw in a little broth (start with ¼ cup) to moisten. When it’s holding together, smear it on a waffle maker and cook until crisp. While this is a great opportunity to use up some ham and cranberry sauce, we go full breakfast and douse them in maple syrup.

Or a Breakfast Hash

Another great brunch recipes when your guests just won’t leave. Turn the stuffing into hash. Just sauté it with cubed sweet potatoes and a little bit of olive oil. Got leftover ham or roasted pork? Throw that in there too. Top with runny fried eggs for a breakfast of champions. 

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