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Celebrity Style Baby Shower

Having a baby is the perfect excuse to throw a unique party. Moms-to-be will enjoy being pampered and the gifts they’ll receive will be helpful in preparing for their little one’s arrival. But not all expectant moms are created equal. When planning a baby shower for a friend or colleague, avoid clichés like décor with storks and skip the over-the-top cutesy stuff (a la Sex and the City).

Take a cue from celebrity moms and host a baby shower themed to suit the guest of honor’s interests and personality. Dodger fan Alyssa Milano, boho-chic Alanis Morissette, and crafty Jessica Alba all did this to fun and successful effect.

The below baby shower ideas show you how to create bespoke celebrations that honor unique moms-to-be and are sure to entertain every guest!

Hit a Homerun
Baseball fan Alyssa Milano and her hubby, David Bugliari, held their baby shower at Dodger Stadium with 35 friends and Dodgers cupcakes made by Crumbs Bakery. You can do the same by inviting significant others and hosting a co-ed baby shower. If you can’t afford to rent out a baseball stadium – and who can? – simply decorate your home in the colors of your mom-to-be’s favorite baseball team and serve dishes inspired by the ballpark such as corn dogs, onion rings, and nachos. (Don't forget the pickles and ice cream for the guest of honor!) For dessert, serve cupcakes decorated to resemble baseballs with red licorice laces.

Go Pretty in Pink
Do you have a friend who has boys and is pregnant with another boy? More than likely she has plenty of hand-me-downs, so make this baby shower all about her. Victoria Beckham, mother to three boys, celebrated her baby shower with one request: pink girly gifts only, please! Plan an English garden tea party with pink tablecloths, pink blossoms, and a pretty pink cake. Shower the guest of honor with feminine gifts like candles, bubble bath, and wine to enjoy after baby. With a houseful of boys, she’s going to need all the help relaxing that she can get.

Host a Henna Party
Hire a henna tattoo artist and have them elaborately decorate the belly of the mom-to-be. Singer Alanis Morissette invited her friends for a pre-baby henna party. Purchase henna kits and let guests get in on the action, too. For over five thousand years, henna has served as a symbol of good luck, health, and sensuality in the Arab world. What better way to "mark" the special occasion? Take the theme further and decorate in Arabian- or Indian-style decor with colorful fabrics, lanterns, and comfortable pillows that guests can gather informally on while listening to enchanting music, sipping on cocktails, and nibbling on henna hand cookies, mehndi cake, and salted chocolate dipped oranges.

Piece Together a Patchwork of Love
Do you have a sentimental friend who appreciates homemade gifts? Brooke Shields wanted to create something memorable and meaningful for her friend and fellow actress
 Kim Raver. So she came up with the idea of a having a “quilting station” as part of the baby shower activities. At the event, Brooke requested all guests create individual fabric squares that would later be sewn together to make a beautiful, one-of-a-kind baby blanket. Ask your guests to give you a patch and hire a professional quilter to make a blanket from the patches. Patches can be from grandma’s apron, a husband’s former favorite tie, or a beloved pair of pre-pregnancy jeans. At the baby shower, present the gift to the mom-to-be along with a story of all the patches for each guest to read aloud. You might want tissues nearby, as this will likely induce a few happy tears.

Feature a Classic Flick
Nicole Richie's Wizard of Oz-themed baby shower at the Beverly Hills hotel was an elaborate celebration. It included ruby slipper centerpieces, a yellow brick road lined with candy, and a live band performing tunes from the classic flick. While following the yellow brick road may not be your party preference, your friend likely has a favorite film – perhaps one that you share – that will recall fond memories and make her feel special. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, for example, would include gorgeous Tiffany's inspired desserts, black and robin’s egg blue baby shower invitations, monogrammed onesies, and a delicious brunch buffet.

Get DIY Crafty
Jessica Alba wanted to celebrate the arrival of her second child in a low-key and personal way. Alba and several of her BFF’s decided to go the “do-it-yourself” route. This was a party all about hanging out with friends and getting crafty. The group created all their own decorations, including paper lanterns with butterflies, glittering water lilies, flower baskets, and homemade dragonflies. Take this idea and unite friends to decorate onesies and bibs. All you need is fabric markers and a few packs of plain, short and/or long-sleeve onesies, and bibs. Lay the onesies and bibs out on a table and let guests sit and design to their hearts’ content.

Celebrate Your Inner Flower Child
Kim Kardashian’s baby shower was full of familiar faces dressed in goddess-like clothing and accessories. Follow Kim’s lead by asking guests to wear “garden dresses” (flowing, lightweight clothing), and providing them with floral headdresses made of baby’s breath. Serve mimosas and a delicious garden brunch menu that includes pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, and omelets, plus pink cotton candy, lollipops, and strawberry shortcakes for dessert. 

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