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Brazilian Kid-Friendly Carnaval Party

Carnaval is the most famous Brazilian holiday. It’s also a fantastic kids’ party theme. Channel your inner Gisele Bundchen and host a celeb-worthy, kid-friendly carnaval party with colorful confetti, samba music, Brazilian sweets, and fresh fruit juices.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. The below tips will keep costs low and style high, and make your celeb-style kids’ party worthy of Giselle Bundchen and her fellow supermoms. Divirta-se!

  • Transform a table into a carnaval craft station where children can decorate masquerade masks and make DIY picture frames. If the weather is nice, place your table outside (less indoor mess!). Top your table with a bright vinyl cloth and place glass jars filled with feathers, glitter, paintbrushes, paint, glue, and sequins.
  • Splurge on one show stopping item; in this case, a professional face painter. Glittery carnaval-inspired face paints help establish the party’s theme and get kids in the spirit. Be sure, though, to set up a table for your face painter, and assign half the kids to crafts while the other half has their faces painted.
  • Give every child a beaded necklace as they walk in the door. Every time children exhibit good behavior (i.e. sharing, manners, etc.) reward them with another necklace. Other children will take notice and will want to be on their best behavior too, making hosting enjoyable.
  • Fill a punch bowl with an alcohol-free version of Brazil’s national cocktail, the caipirinha. Avoid spills by pouring clear plastic cups only when children are sitting around the table. Add paper umbrellas and edible garnishes on toothpicks for a fun, celebratory touch.
  • Feeding children is often tricky, as there will always be some fussy eaters, so keep the party menu simple and don’t prepare anything too exotic or spicy. Food on a stick is always fun! Serve grilled chicken shish kabobs and let children select their own dips (barbecue or ketchup).
  • Keep dessert simple and consider ordering versus making at home. Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting are always crowd pleasers. To further the theme, ask them to be prepared in gold foil cups and top each with a colorful peacock plume purchased from your local craft store.
  • Gather all the children for a group photo. Pump up the samba music, throw some confetti in the air, and take photos of their best dance moves, festive masks, and painted faces. Print a group photo and place it in their DIY picture frames as a party favor.

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