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How to Season a Cast Iron Pan and Not Feel Like a Crazy Person

How do I season it?

Everyone’s got a way, usually the way their mom / grandmother / aunt / cousin did it. But all you really need is canola oil, an oven, and some time. Once you get your cast iron just start off by giving it a quick rinse in warm soapy water. Now, dry if off completely – you want zero drops of water on it. So after letting it air dry, plunk it on a heated stovetop for a minute or two.

Next rub it with oil (canola oil is great) and buff it. You don’t want it to be greasy, just rub in the oil until it’s “absorbed” in the pan. And get every part of it – over, under, around, the handle.

Now, put it in a 450 degree oven and let it sit for half an hour. If you’re worried about their being any oil at all on the pan (maybe it didn’t look totally absorbed) put the pan upside down on a pan to let any oil drip off. It might smoke, that’s ok. Just crack open a window.

Finally, repeat the process 3-4 more times.

Now what?

Now you’re ready to use. Your pan is all set and should last you a lifetime. Every time you cook with it and add any oil, you’re basically adding more seasoning. Enjoy. 

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How to Season a Cast Iron Pan and Not Feel Like a Crazy Person


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