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Refreshing Warm Weather Wines

Por fin: Verano! We’re so happy that we’ll say it again: Summer is finally here!  It’s time to lighten up what’s in our glasses with some delicious white wines and rosés from around the world. We’re all happy drinking full-bodied red wine with hearty cold weather fare, but now that the temperature is rising and the days are getting longer it’s time for lighter cuisine, lighter flavors, and less calories. 

Yes, less calories. White wine usually has a lower sugar content and therefore a lower alcohol percentage than heavier reds, giving us the perfect reason to start drinking them again, especially as bathing suit season is lurking around the corner.

Just for comparison, many red wines, especially those made in the new world, tend to have over 15% alcohol levels while crisp clean white wines usually register closer to 11% or 12%. But keep in mind that we’re talking about the crisp and dry white wines like the ones we’ve listed below and not sugary sweet Moscato that tends to be popular with the younger wine drinkers. As much as they’re delicious, some of them have sugar levels and calories that can rival a can of soda. We prefer to end a meal with just a small glass, they’re perfect as a substitute for a big dessert.

Here are some of our favorites from around the world, most of them in the  $10 - $20 range.   


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