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More Than Margaritas: 7 Authentic Mexican Cocktails

Old George Sour

The Baltra Bar takes its name from an island in the Galapagos chain and this drink is named after one of its most famous inhabitants, Lonesome George the tortoise. With a thick, foamy head of egg white, this combination of tequila, cucumber simple syrup, basil, and cardamom, has just a hint of melon and a pucker up sour finish.  Watch out for the egg white mustache!


Tres Condesas' Apodaca salutes both Mexican and wider Latino influences with dried, smoky strips of chile ancho and chile pasilla, piloncillo simple syrup (a type of hard candied brown sugar), evaporated milk, concentrated horchata, and Diplomático rum from Venezuela. With its powdery pinole (a sweetened corn flour) rim, the drink recalls a ponche crema or eggnog in the U.S. (minus the eggs of course), and also has a white Russian vibe to it – sweet, creamy, and smooth enough to keep you drinking long after you should have stopped.


Working to break down cocktail stereotypes in Mexico since the moment they opened, Limantour has tried to introduce its clientele to more complicated recipes and complex flavor combinations like the Texmelucan – made with Ancho Reyes (that's right, ancho chile liquor), dark rum, Absinthe and Agostura Bitters. The banana chip garnish finishes it off with just a touch of crunchy sweetness.


Another nod to the wildlife theme of the tiny Baltra Bar is Basurdo – the Spanish for a type of raptor. Refreshing and heady, bittersweet, this drink combines European influences (white port and white Lillet) with young, raw Mexican mezcal and grapefruit, poured over chipped ice and served with a slice of rosy grapefruit on top. 

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