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More Than Margaritas: 7 Authentic Mexican Cocktails

There's more to Mexican cocktails than the margarita. Next time you find yourself in Mexico City, branch out and try one of these favorites. They're full of local infusions, endemic flora, and surprising flavors. 

The Chorizo Old-fashioned

Invented by a former mixologist at Tres Condesas, the Chorizo Old-fashioned is a meat lover's classic cocktail. In a move away from the traditional old fashioned, this drink replaces whiskey or brandy with an housemade infusion of smoky mezcal with chorizo and apricot, agave honey, and a twist of lemon. The final product is almost chewable, with a hint of fruit and zing of lemon. The salty chorizo garnish makes it more of an appetizer than simply a delicious cocktail. 

Jamaica Mezcal

The award-winning Licorería Limantour makes most of their infusions, juices and mixers in house, including the heavenly hibiscus flower simple syrup with clove in this drink. Mixed with Union mezcal, lime, and cardamom and topped with a spring of mint and a slice of orange covered in the sal de gusano, the Jamaica mezcal is a nod to two of Mexico's most delicious beverages – hibiscus tea and mezcal – with an added hint of ancient eastern spice. 

Margarita Al Pastor

An amped up version of the classic margarita, this drink's name is 100% Mexico City and would probably go smashingly with the infamous taco al pastor. Herradura Tequila, Cointreau, pineapple juice, lime, and agave honey kick up the sweet citrus in this classic cocktail and a fine powder of salt on the rim balances it all out on your tongue. This cocktail remains on Limantour's must-try menu all year around.

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