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Bottoms Up: A Complete Guide to Mexico's Traditional Drinks

So you've already been to Mexico. You're an expert on vitamin T (tacos, tlacoyos, tlayudas...). You fear no salsa. You feel pretty good about your Mexican foodie knowledge. But what about tejate, tepache, and pozol? Ponche, rompope, and a pulque curado? What happens when you find yourself around six steaming metal buckets of atole in a chaotic market at breakfast rush hour?

Mexican cuisine's refreshing sidekicks get less of the spotlight that its meatier main dishes, but the traditional drinks of Mexico don't slouch on innovation or taste. Take the following 10 drinks for example, some with histories that date back to the Aztecs, some only found in a single region of the country, but all with a flavor (and texture) you aren't likely to forget.

Here are a few favorite liquid delights to look for on your next trip south of the border.

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