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5 New Spring Cocktails to Replace Your Same Old Snoozy Sips

The next time you hit up your local bar, pause before you ask the barkeep for your "usual." Remember that moment when you fell in love with your go-to drink? It was refreshing, it was flavorful, it walked the line between boozy and boozed up. You could sip it all night without it ruining your morning. It flirted with your taste buds and quenched your thirst. 

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Well, you can feel that again if you venture outside the box and try something new. It can be overwhelming, we know. But don't let the endless row of gleaming bottles panic you. When you use your favorite spring cocktail as a jumping off point and add a twist, the possibilities become endless. Here are our suggestions for what to try the next time you pull a chair up to the bar. And don't worry, we won't tell your ol' trusty cocktail if you won't. Salud.

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