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richard montanez
A Movie About the Flamin' Hot Cheetos Creator Was Announced and We're Hyped!

You know how much we love Cheetos here. Especially the Flamin' Hot ones. That's why we're so excited about this film that was recently announced. 

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selena gomez and francia raisa
Francia Raisa Reveals What It Took to Be a Kidney Donor for Selena Gomez

After Selena Gomez revealed she had undergone a kidney transplant during her fight with Lupus, she shared that her "life saving" donor was none other than her best friend, Grown-ish star Francia Raísa. The pair shared a hospital selfie, and heartfelt words about each other, and their nearly decade-long friendship, on social media.

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selena quintanilla tortilla
These Selena Quintanilla Tortillas Are the Perfect Combination We Didn't Know We Needed

If you thought tortillas couldn't possibly get any better, they just did. The Convergent Media Collective completely changed the game when they started using a laser cutter to print iconic faces on their tortillas. Needless to say, the Selena Quintanilla tortilla is a hit in San Antonio, where the media group is based. 

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These Latinx-Inspired Coffee Tumblers Have Us Jumping for Joy

How many times has your abuela told you that Starbucks coffee isn't real coffee? Now, you can finally prove her wrong. Well, sort of…

Mercado El Catrin (@mercadoelcatrin), a small artisan shop based in La Mirada, California, is selling coffee tumblers that parody the Starbucks model. Instead of the iconic mermaid logo, these tumblers feature prominent players in Latinx culture such as artist Frida Kahlo, pan dulce and the queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla. See for yourself.

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Don't Eat Tide Pods, Eat These Conchas Instead

By now you've probably heard about the infamous Tide pod challenge where many teenagers were uploading videos of themselves eating laundry detergent. While some people found it amusing, most people thought it was shocking and unsafe. If you're one of the latter, we've found the perfect Tide pod for you. They're called Tide Pod Conchas.

MORE: This Mexican Bakery is Selling "El Chapo" Cupcakes


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