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Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen

Women Winemakers: Meet Paola Medina Sheldon
Women in Wine: Paola Medina Sheldon

Born in Sevilla and educated in Granada and Cadiz,[b] Paola Medina Sheldon [/b]is Andalucian to the core. After earning degrees in chemistry from the University of Granada and Enology from the University of Cadiz she went on to achieve Masters degrees in Viticulture, Enology, and Legislation from the Polytechnic University in Madrid.

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Garnacha for Guisos
Wine Pairings: 6 Garnachas for Guisado

As the post-holiday chill of winter sets in, we begin to crave hearty soups and stews that warm the kitchen and fill the house with delicious aromas as they bubble away on the stove.

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Cheers to Holiday Wine
Cheers to Ho-Ho-Holiday Wine

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of year on the social calendar and you can bet we have plenty of South American vino on hand. Whether we’re throwing a party or getting ready to party, we make sure a variety of our choice bottles represent the region. We also stock up for last minute gifts: an inexpensive or mid-priced bottle works fantastically for a colleague or a cousin, a higher end wine is a romantic splurge for an intimate cena para dos with that special someone.

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Bubbly Wines for New Year’s Eve
11 Best Bubbly Wines for Noche Buena

It’s always amazing how fast the holidays creep up and how must faster the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve fly. It seems like we were just drinking piña coladas and walking in the sand, then along came the turkey and now we're staring down Nochebuena, Christmas, Noche Vieja, and El Dia de Reyes.  

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Say Feliz Navidad with Vino Tinto
Perfect Pours: 13 Gifts for Wine Lovers
Red and green are the colors of the season and from our point of view there is no better way to say[i] "[/i]Happy Holidays!" than with a green glass bottle filled with red wine. We've rounded up some of our favorites from Spain, Chile, and Argentina, running the price spectrum, with a number of choices right at the sweet spot of $25. Whether you're shopping for a coworker or picking up something special for your sweetheart, you're sure to find a wine that perfectly suits your budget and the recipient’s palate. [b][i]Feliz Navidad[/i][/b]!
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Women in Wine: Laura Diaz Muñoz
Women Winemakers: Meet Laura Diaz Muñoz

Although her earliest memories of wine are drinking Albariño in her native Spain—and smelling the sea in every glass—winemaker Laura Diaz Muñoz is now firmly rooted in Napa Valley. After receiving a Master of Science in Viticulture and Enology from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Diaz Muñoz  worked in La Mancha, Spain and then in New Zealand and Chile before settling in Napa. She has worked very closely with her mentor, Chris Carpenter, the lauded winemaker for Cardinale, Lakoya, La Jota, and Mt. Brave.

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Thanksgiving Wines
Give Thanks for these 12 Latin Wines!

With so many different flavors on the Thanksgiving table, it’s hard to choose just one wine that will make everybody happy. Plan to serve a variety of wines, keeping in mind the various main courses and side dishes (some traditional American and others with Latin flair) that grace your sideboard, allowing each guest to choose the wine that goes best with their favorite item. Here are some of our top picks. 


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Fall for Cool California Red Wines
Fall for Cool California Red Wines

It’s harvest time in California wine country and we just returned from visits to Napa Valley, Sonoma, Monterey, and Lodi. We spent a lot of time amongst the vines with the vineyard workers, many of whom were born in Central America and Mexico.

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The Last Rosé of Summer
8 Great Rosés to Drink While It’s Still Warm Out

You may have flipped the calendar page to September, but summer is not over yet. Look at the evening news to check out the weather across the country and you’ll see that many areas are experiencing higher temperatures than recorded in August. We’re just not ready break open the cellar door and drink a room temperature red wine, so we’ll keep pouring rosé until sweater weather hits. So here are a few of the wines we’ll be serving:

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Albariño: White Wine from Green Spain
7 Awesome Albariños, Spain's Freshest White Wine

Galicia, in the northwest corner of Spain, is known as “Green Spain,” a reference to the lush vegetation that covers the countryside. It's also home to the fresh white wine Albariño. Water is abundant in this region that is crisscrossed by rivers, including the Avia, Lérez, Miño, and Sil, and frequent rains and overcast skies only add to the brilliant hues of the forests and vineyards that thrive here.

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