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Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen

Chef Chat: Alex Sanchez Is Head of The Table at His Mumbai, India Restaurant

Since its opening in 2011, Mumbai’s The Table has remained one of the city’s most popular restaurants as well as one of the most difficult to get into. Sitting practically in the shadow of the landmark Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in the Kolaba neighborhood, the two-story stone and wood space is buzzing with locals and in-the-know travelers every day and night of the week.

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Super Wine for the Super Bowl
Wine Pairings for Super Bowl Recipes: Who Says Football Can't Be Fancy?

If you haven't scored tickets to Super Bowl LI, send out the invites and host your own Super Bowl party. Good Latin party food tends to be spicy food, so it's with gratitude that football viewing parties have moved beyond the pizza and beer of our dorm room days and into an era wherein said spicy foods can be served alongside sophisticated wines without anyone claiming party foul.

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Caviar Guide: The Skinny on Serving the Sexy Stuff

We would be hard pressed to name a food item that evokes more of a sense of luxury and romance than caviar. It's the ultimate “couple” food: a thirty-gram tin is perfect for two to share on its own or before dinner. That said, it's also a special treat for yourself or for a night with your best friend. It seems especially appropriate for dinner parties, Valentine’s Day, and special occasions wherein luxury foods add a sense of elegance.

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Three Cheers for Cheese & Wine! Pairings for Summer Parties

How to pair cheese dishes with your favorite wines.

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