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Kristen Castillo

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Half Fat, Whole Flavor: 7 Healthy Recipes You'll Actually Want to Eat

Don’t miss these good-to-eat and good-for-you Latin recipes.

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6 Scrumptious Latin Sweets for the Holidays

Forget store-bought desserts, generic cookies, and pre-packaged cocoa. It's the season to indulge your sweet tooth and splurge on desserts with fresh ingredients and lots of Latin flavor. Though you probably find yourself going back to your tried and true classic holiday recipes, there’s always room for a new favorite treat. Whether you’re craving a rich hot chocolate, cookies, sweet tamales, or the spice of cinnamon, these Latin holiday desserts won’t disappoint!

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6 Scrumptious Slow Cooker Recipes
9 Scrumptious Slow Cooker Recipes

Set it and forget it with these delicious slow cooker recipes. 

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How Hanukkah is Celebrated in Latin Communities in the U.S.
Host a Hannukah Fiesta: Celeb Chefs Share Their Fave Recipes

Viva Hanukkah! That’s the message when Jewish Latinos across the United States celebrate the eight-day festival of lights. Though it may seem like an unlikely combination, the history of Judaism in Latin America goes back to the very discovery of the New World. During the inquisition, Christians of Jewish ancestry fled Europe and made a home for themselves in Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the Caribbean and South America. Today there are up to half a million Jewish Latinos living in Latin America.

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Marcela Valladolid: Feeling Great about Grapes
Marcela Valladolid: Feeling Great about Grapes

Marcela Valladolid’s pantry is almost empty but her refrigerator is filled with fresh and healthy foods. That’s why the co-host of Food Network's The Kitchen is partnering with Grapes from California.

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Gloria Collell
Ladies First: Winemaker Gloria Collell Talks Mia Wines

Gloria Collell doesn’t consider herself a pioneer in the field of winemaking. The 45-year-old Spainiard has been a fixture at notable winemakers Ferrer and Freixenet for more than 20 years but she’s humble, even as she launches her own label in the U.S., Mia.

“I just love what I’m doing,” she said, explaining the wine industry is in her blood. Her grandfather made casks and her father sold wine.

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Healthy Pantry: Stock Up on Good-For-You and Good-to-Eat Essentialsv
Healthy Pantry: Stock Up on Good-For-You and Good-to-Eat Essentials

The holidays are over and the New Year is here! After weeks of overindulging (those croquets/pernil/bunuelos were just too good to put down), it’s time to refocus and restart and make some healthier choices, starting with stocking a healthy pantry. Set aside those processed sugar cookies and preservative-added snacks and make space for wholesome options. Because the simple truth is that we’ll eat what we have on hand. So if you replace those cheese doodles with kale chips, you’ve already done the hard work. 

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