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Evette Rios

Evette Ríos is a bilingual lifestyle expert, writer, television host and native New Yorker of Puerto Rican heritage. Ríos is currently the host of CBS's Recipe Rehab. She is also a guest co-host and field correspondent on ABC's The Chew, where she reports on new food and lifestyle trends around the country. She was a host on In A Fix on TLC, FreeStyle on HGTV and The G Word on Planet Green.
DIY Crafts for Kids: Fun Party Favors for School Valentine's Day Party

Oh, Valentine's Day. Chocolates, candy hearts, and, if you have little ones, so many Valentine's Day cards. You know how it goes, the day rolls around and you realize you have lots of tiny gifts to give to lots of tiny friends. And though we all have great intentions, coming up with clever ways to create quick, cut,  and inexpensive valentines for all the kids on your list can be a daunting task. Worry not, we're here to help! Here is a quick and easy party favor made with materials you probably have laying around the house: personalized candy tubes.

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DIY Valentine's Day Gifts: A Sexy Scratch Off Card He'll Love

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays! It’s the perfect time to show the ones you love just how much you really love them. Here's the problem: we usually get so bogged down in finding just the right gift that we forget one important thing. Sometimes offering someone a little help around the house, a back massage, or taking out the trash is more meaningful then a store bought box of chocolates. 

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How to Make Every Guest Feel Welcome

Turn your house into a five-star hotel.

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Secret Love: DIY Valentine's Day Book Safe
Secret Love: Make This DIY Valentine's Day Keepsake

Every love story has a few secrets. This Valentine’s Day, carve out a special place to keep them with this hollow book safe. It’s a thoughtful, romantic surprise for a special sweetheart: the inside of a book is hollowed out so a secret gift can be placed inside!

The toughest part of this project might be choosing the right book. Head to Goodwill or any used items story and peruse their inventory. Maybe you’ll find one that has your sweetheart’s name scribbled in the page or a book with a romantic or personally relevant title.

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How-To: DIY Veggie Candle Holders
How To Make Gorgeous Veggie Candle Holders

Turn vegetables into works of art.

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Breakfast in Bed: Strawberry Topped Pancakes with Pink Whipped Cream

Growing up, pancakes were a Sunday morning staple in my house. I can still see it so clearly: my dad would make us piles and piles of them. He would stack an especially tall tower for me, pancake after pancake, each smaller than the one before until the tiniest pancake on the tippy top of the pile (usually a droplet of pancake batter that had fallen on the griddle). They were, and remain, one of myf favorite dishes to eat. 

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Strawberry Topped Pancakes with Pink Whipped Cream

Surprise someone you love with this decadent breakfast: strawberry topped pancakes with pink whipped cream. Fluffy golden pancakes are topped with a quick and easy three-ingredient strawberry sauce and then an indulgent dollop of whipped cream. 

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